“I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t ask for help.” Thomas’ story

Thomas has overcome years of mental and physical health issues to find a life-changing job with Domestic Bliss.

The mature-age job seeker was an aged care nurse until health issues overwhelmed him. Then he lost everything including his marriage, his home and his car. The lowest point came when Thomas found himself suicidal and living under a bridge.

Reaching out for help

Thomas needed support to help him find sustainable work that wouldn’t make his health issues worse. So a social worker connected him to Disability Employment Services Manager, Jamie Davis and his team. Working closely with MatchWorks Health and Wellbeing Consultant, Sara Cigna, the team assisted Thomas in the following ways:

  • Weekly employment appointments to help him become job-ready.
  • Regular health and wellbeing support to manage health issues.
  • Developed his anger management and conflict resolution skills via a meditation-based program.
  • Grief support after losing immediate family members to illness.

Thomas said the tailored support brought him back from the brink.

“I would’ve been dead if I didn’t ask for and receive the help I needed from Jamie, Sara, and Alisha,” Thomas said.

“Sara helped me learn meditation to use when I’m feeling stressed. Alisha calls me at least once a week to see how I am, and I can’t thank Jamie enough for his unwavering support.”

A dream job

“This is my dream job.” Thomas, Christopher, former job seeker

After twelve months of dedicated support, Thomas told his consultants that he felt ready to work. The Brisbane job seeker had lost a large amount of weight and his health had improved significantly.

“Thomas’ strength and commitment to improve his health and gain work is inspiring,” Jamie said.

“We focused on his passions and his experience and educational qualifications in aged care, teaching and cleaning.”

With the support of Business Development Consultant, Parineeta Ubhiryane and the team, Thomas landed a job with Domestic Bliss.

“This is my dream job,” Thomas said.

“The hours are manageable, and I’ve always enjoyed cleaning and helping others. I respect my clients and always do a good job for them. Some of them are struggling with their own health issues, and I support them any way I can.

“My journey with MatchWorks has helped me in so many ways – with work and health, but also in my relationships with my children and my partner.”

Find out more about our Disability Employment Services for job seekers or call 1300 13 23 63 to chat to your local team.