Enhancing neuroinclusive workplaces

When we embrace and value neurodivergent inclusion, we bring together diverse minds, unique skill sets, and varied ways of thinking. This approach creates more significant opportunities for neurodivergent employees and businesses to thrive.

What is iNDEPth?

iNDEPth aims to improve the inclusion and support of neurodivergent individuals in the workplace. We offer tailored support, employer training and ongoing assistance, to help create more neuroinclusive environments.

Our program provides customised employment planning for neurodivergent individuals and bespoke workshops for employers to foster understanding and support. We ensure long-term success through continuous support for employees and employers, building meaningful and purposeful employment journeys.

Learn how you can become neuro-friendly in the workplace

iNDEPth works with employers through our one-on-one, consultative approach to develop a bespoke, tailored service to meet each employer’s needs.

Through this free service, we can support you in building a more inclusive workplace for Neurodivergent people, which can include:

  • Neurodivergent awareness training across various stakeholders within your business, including executive, supervisory and peer workforce.
  • Review environmental and workplace processes for neuro-inclusive considerations.
  • Inclusive recruitment practices, policies and procedures.
  • Post-placement support strategies.

Attract Neurodivergent Talent with iNDEPth

By thinking differently, you can build a productive and diverse workforce. Our iNDEPth neurodivergent employment program can help you attract and retain top neurodivergent talent, fostering a more innovative and diverse workplace.

Tap into Creativity, Problem Solving, and Big-Picture Thinking

Neurodiverse employees bring valuable skills and strengths, including:

  • Creative thinking that drives innovation
  • High-level problem-solving abilities
  • Attention to detail and task consistency
  • Strong work ethic and engagement

These strengths can enhance your organisational culture and performance, providing a competitive edge in today’s market.

Find Great Candidates with iNDEPth

Traditional recruitment methods often overlook the talents of neurodivergent individuals. iNDEPth offers insights into recruitment strategies that allow neurodivergent candidates to showcase their abilities effectively, ensuring you take advantage of exceptional talent.

Ongoing employment support for retention and results

Our support for you and your new employees continues after we find you the right person for the job. We offer tailored guidance to ensure the ongoing success and wellbeing of neurodivergent employees. Our support includes assisting you in accessing funding, such as up to $10,000 in wage subsidies (where eligibility requirements are met).

You’ll receive:

  • One-on-one coaching for your new employee.
  • Training to support development needs.
  • Funding for work equipment, work clothing and licences.
  • JobAssist funding for workplace modifications to accommodate employees with disability (where eligibility requirements are met).
  • Health and wellbeing support.
  • Building awareness via neurodiversity in the workplace training for employees.

Get in Touch

Are you ready to create a more inclusive workplace? Join us in our mission to support neurodivergent individuals and create a diverse, neuro-friendly workplace that allows neurodivergent employees and businesses to thrive.

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Diversity as a business advantage

A diverse and inclusive workforce has many advantages, including:

  • A positive reputation in the market.   
  • A more productive and engaged workforce.
  • Better problem-solving capabilities.
  • Boosts employee retention and loyalty.
  • Access to a larger, more diverse pool of talent.
  • Reduced recruitment and onboarding costs.
iNDEPth neurodiversity training being delivered to a group of team members