Hire the right person for the job by developing a clear and practical recruitment and selection plan.

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Identify your goals

  • Identify the goals and expected outcomes the new position will bring to your business
  • List the core roles and tasks you need your new team member to deliver
  • Work out the current skills and experience you will need from the employee and what on-job training you may provide
  • Determine your company culture to understand the type of person who will best fit into your existing team.

Finalise the job role and tasks

Promote your job vacancy

  • Decide where you will advertise the job. Will you find the right job seeker via online advertising, via your social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, or should you advertise in your local newspapers?
  • Work out for how long you will advertise the job and set a cut-off date for applications.

Select the right person

  • Develop selection criteria and place weightings against each criterion to help shortlist candidates
  • Determine how many people you wish to interview
  • Prepare a list of interview questions. Pre-screening and interview questions should link with the position description.
  • Decide where to hold the interviews and who will be part of the interview panel. You’re welcome to use your local MatchWorks offices for job interviews
  • Ask for and check your preferred candidate’s references

Make the job offer

  • Choose a good time to phone your successful applicant so you aren’t likely to be rushed or interrupted while speaking with them
  • Clearly outline the pay and benefits you are offering
  • If they don’t accept the offer straight away, get a commitment from them as to when they will contact you with a final decision
  • Finally, follow up your phone call by putting all you have stated in writing either as an email or letter.

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Other resources

In addition, various State and Federal Government agencies have resources to help prepare a recruitment and selection plan: