In the first two weeks, the initial impressions of you and your business set the tone. Ensure your new staff member feels welcome, part of the team and appreciated from the start.

Day 1

  • Be available to welcome them on their first day and set aside time for a meeting. If you can’t be there, make sure someone else is on your behalf.
  • Go over their job responsibilities and main duties.
  • Obtain their tax file number, bank account details and other necessary information to add them to your payroll. Explain pay schedules including when they will receive their first pay.
  • Give them a tour of the workplace. Make sure they know where the toilets and kitchen areas are.
  • Introduce them to their colleagues and managers. Provide an organisation chart, if required.
  • Provide a copy of the key information they need including all emergency and work safety procedures.
  • If relevant, ensure their workstation and computer is set up and available for login.
  • Provide relevant keys or security passes, if needed.
  • Set aside time at the end of the day to meet again and answer any questions.

Week 1

  • Make sure they attend training or orientation sessions required for their role
  • Outline their first tasks and regularly meet with them to monitor progress and answer questions.
  • Invite them to their first team meeting.
  • At the end of the week, organise an informal morning or afternoon tea to officially welcome them to the team.

Week 2

  • Check they are confident about their current work duties and expectations.
  • Meet with them at the end of the week to discuss their first two weeks and again answer questions. Also, be sure to encourage them to raise any concerns that they may have.

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