Build your wellbeing and career confidence

Feeling positive, confident and in control helps you to find work and succeed in your role. It’s even more important if you’re trying to enter the workforce for the first time, have had a break from work, or live with disability, an illness or injury.

The MatchWorks Health and Wellbeing Service delivers thousands of support sessions to job seekers each year. Our Health and Wellbeing Consultants are registered allied health professionals with qualifications in counselling, psychology and disability.

Our Health and Wellbeing team can help you:

  • Manage stress
  • Improve motivation
  • Explore career options
  • Build resilience
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Achieve work-life balance.

Our consultants can also link you to a range of additional community services including:

  • Specialist mental health services
  • Housing support
  • Alcohol and other drug services
  • Risk and self-harm
  • Family and domestic violence support.

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Get support from health and wellness professionals

“It’s comforting to know I have a sounding board, someone to talk to,” Cheryl said. “I feel that I can keep my job because of the ongoing support from MatchWorks. I don’t believe I could keep it if I was on my own.”

Cheryl, MatchWorks client


Positive and practical support that works for you

We know that a happy, healthy you is far more likely to reach your full potential. That’s why you can access our Health and Wellbeing Service free of charge when you become a MatchWorks client.

You’ll receive support from a qualified allied health professional while you look for work and as you settle into your new job.

At an initial meeting, your consultant will discuss your circumstances and plan how they can assist. Sessions are usually one-on-one, and you can take part in group workshops with others in a similar situation.

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One-on-sessions with allied health professionals at our offices across Australia

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Sessions via telehealth or Zoom. After-hours support is also available if you are working

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Group workshops where you can gain new skills and build your confidence with others in a supportive space

Our commitment to your privacy

At MatchWorks we respect your privacy and will maintain confidentiality. We will help you to feel comfortable by providing an engaging and non-judgemental environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the health and wellbeing consultants qualified health professionals?

    Yes – all our health and wellbeing consultants are registered health professionals with qualifications in counselling, psychology, disability and exercise physiology.

    What happens at my appointments?

    Your first contact is usually a phone consultation with a health and wellbeing consultant to discuss your current circumstances. The initial appointment can last for up to 75 minutes, while the follow up appointments usually last 50-60 minutes.

    The health and wellbeing consultant can work with you on managing stress, improving motivation, building resilience, goal setting, career exploration, confidence and more.

    All appointments are delivered in a private and confidential space. Your Health and Wellbeing Consultant will discuss privacy and explain confidentiality at your initial appointment.

    How many sessions can I have?

    You are entitled to six free sessions. The service is voluntary, and you can choose to stop at any time.

    Do I have to pay a fee?

    The health and wellbeing service is free to all MatchWorks clients.

    Will my payments be suspended if I miss an appointment?

    No. Failing to attend a health and wellbeing appointment will never impact your payments.

    How do I book my first appointment?

    To book your initial phone consultation, speak to your Employment Consultant or fill out the contact form on this page with your information and a Health and Wellbeing Consultant will contact you.

    I already have a psychologist or psychiatrist – how does that work?

    If you already have treatment or support from your psychologist or psychiatrist we can work with them, making sure your support professionals are all ‘on the same page’ to support you.