Keep staff happy and satisfied with their jobs to remain a productive and growing business. Employee retention is invaluable for running a successful business.

MatchWorks works with you and your new employee for up to 26 weeks after hiring.
(Post placement support is longer for Disability Employment Services employees.)

Encourage communication

Have clear lines of communication between you, your managers and your staff.

  • Provide opportunities for staff to offer feedback or ask questions.
  • Encourage them to present their own ideas on how to make your business prosper and grow.

Recognise good work

An employee recognition and rewards program is a great way to acknowledge staff efforts and achievements.

  • Rewards can range from a financial bonus through to a ‘thank you’ at a staff meeting.
  • Or hand out movie tickets or gift cards to show your appreciation.
  • Remember, evenly share the recognition among your entire team. Don’t focus on a handful of staff.

Be a healthy workplace

More and more employers understand how important it is to have a healthy workplace.

  • Provide fresh fruit in your kitchen or breakout area
  • Provide on-site exercise facilities to promote healthy practices.

Mental health is also important for employment retention.

  • Have clear and strong workplace policies around bullying
  • Learn to recognise signs of a staff member under stress.
  • Be available for employees if they do need to talk.

Be flexible

Understanding work-life balance is essential to keeping staff happy.

  • Offer flexible working hours and conditions to develop staff loyalty.
  • Make it easy for staff to take time off for family emergencies or to attend school events.
  • Consider job-sharing or work from home arrangements to make it easier for staff to manage both their work and personal responsibilities.

Allow staff to grow their skills

Provide opportunities for on-the-job training and encourage staff to up-skill.

  • Talk with them about their employment goals and plan a strategy for them to progress their career.
  • Consider a mentoring program to keep staff engaged and inspired.

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