Do you need a helping hand?

You may be eligible to host a Work for the Dole activity if you are a not-for-profit organisation or a local, state, territory or Australian government agency.

If you are an eligible host organisation, you can get access to extra sets of hands to undertake activities and projects that may not normally get done while providing valuable work experience for a job seeker in your community.

Examples of past and current Work for the Dole activities include:

• Gardening or maintenance
• Building and restoration
• Help at animal or wildlife shelters
• Hospitality, office and retail
• Customer service
• Entry level warehousing.

MatchWorks Community Coordinators will guide your organisation through the process of setting up an activity and provide regular ongoing support once the activity is established.

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Fast facts

What is a Work for the Dole host organisation?

Not-for-profit organisations and local, state, territory and Australian government agencies

What is the role of the host?

As a Work for the Dole host, you will provide work-like activities for Work for the Dole participants. Matchworks can help you determine the projects that participants complete. You will need to provide participants with supervision and any on-the-job training and monitor their attendance.

You must also ensure that your activity meets all relevant work health and safety requirements. Job seekers continue to receive income support and assistance from MatchWorks during their Work for the Dole activity.

How can Work for the Dole benefit your organisation?

Not-for-profit organisations often have limited resources. By hosting a Work for the Dole activity, you can access personnel to undertake projects or work that could not otherwise be completed.

What is the purpose of Work for the Dole?

Work for the Dole activities help job seekers obtain valuable skills and experience to assist them to move into sustainable ongoing employment. Funding is available to help offset some of the costs of hosting a Work for the Dole activity. This funding can help to offset expenses such as supervision, work health and safety and equipment related to your activity. Your Work for the Dole Community Coordinator can discuss funding options with you.

What makes a good Work for the Dole activity?

Suitable Work for the Dole activities aim to engage the job seeker and develop skills while providing a community benefit. Activities may support an individual job seeker or involve job seekers working as a team to meet a specific goal. Activities generally run continuously for six months (26 weeks).

More information about being a Work for the Dole host is available from the Federal Department of Employment website.