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At MatchWorks, we support parents to find lasting employment that fits in with your family commitments.

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Parents Return

Whether it’s been for one year or 20 years, it can be daunting as a parent to return to work following a break to care for family. This 8-day program supports parents returning to work by providing the skills, confidence and knowledge to restart a former career, or begin a new career path.

Parents Return focuses on:

  • The benefit of work
  • Creating a healthy work-life balance
  • Planning and organising  – cook & freeze, household chores, childcare
  • Career planning
  • Creating positive relationship and role models
  • Self-esteem
  • What employers want
  • Personal perceptions and self-awareness
  • Budgeting and managing money
  • Current job search strategies and job search assistance, including accessing the hidden job market
  • Advice on personal presentation, including interview outfits
  • Guidance on using technology to search and apply for work
  • Resume and cover letter to suit the current job market
  • The interview process
  • Managing your social media profile – tips and traps.

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The benefits of working

Getting back into the workforce will:

  • improve personal self-esteem and self-confidence
  • give a sense of contributing to your wider community
  • provide the financial benefits from having a regular income
  • help develop fresh social and professional networks
  • open opportunities to gain new skills and experience.

Preparing yourself for a new life stage

Start your preparation for returning to work a few months in advance by:

  • refining work-related skills and undertaking training courses relevant to your preferred job role
  • volunteering for community and not-for-profit organisations
  • meeting with friends or former work colleagues to talk about what has changed in the work environment since you left
  • searching job advertisements in your chosen field to see what skills and experience potential employers are now looking for.

Looking for parent-friendly jobs

Most employers will consider flexible working arrangements to cater for staff with younger children.  However, some roles may not be suitable due to the working hours or conditions required.

MatchWorks’ consultants can assist in connecting you with employers and jobs most suitable for return-to-work parents.

Other online resources include:

Getting your resume ready

Preparing an effective resume for your job search is easier than you may first think.  While you don’t want to list ‘home duties’ as part of your employment history, you can highlight your more recent achievements:

  • list skills you’ve developed while raising a family as personal strengths such as flexibility, multi-tasking and improved listening skills
  • include volunteer work or details of community groups or parent associations in which you’ve participated
  • outline training courses you’ve attended and detail qualifications you’ve achieved.

Managing your new work-life balance

Getting back into the workforce will require some changes on the home-front. However, forethought and planning will ease the transition:

  • create a weekly planner to help manage household tasks and responsibilities
  • have pre-prepared meals you can freeze and then serve during the week
  • set up school drop-off and pick-up rosters with fellow parents to share the load
  • keep a diary with you at all times so you know both your work and family commitments and appointments.

Destination Work

If you need more assistance, MatchWorks’ Destination Work program is for mature-aged job-seekers looking to re-enter the workforce. Talk to us about how this program can help you.

Please note: job seekers need to be registered with MatchWorks to access our program and services. Register with us.

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