Get your job search off to the right start. Looking for a job is all about knowing where and how to find employment vacancies which match your skills, abilities and knowledge.

Where to look for work

Workforce Australia – This is a free job searching platform for individuals receiving income support payment from Services Australia. Click here to sign in or register to view and apply for jobs. If you need assistance with job searching you can register with MatchWorks to start receiving the support you need to help you look for, find and keep a job at no cost to you.

SEEK, Indeed and CareerOne are popular online employment marketplaces. They are few of the commonly used platform for job searching with so many new job opportunities advertised daily.

JobSeeker specific platforms:

If you are looking to step into an Australian Government role, Apsjobs is a great start.

If you identify yourself as women and are looking for a workplace that offer ongoing commitment to advancing women’s careers, use  Work180 platform to easily review and compare various aspect of the role.

If you are an older Australian looking for an age friendly employer as they will value your experience, reliability, strong worth ethic and mentoring skills then this platform is the way to go – Older Workers 

If you are a professional looking to network with professionals in your sector while exploring job opportunities, setting up your profile on Linkedin could be useful.

Other ways to job search in your local labour market:

  • Local newspapers
  • Facebook groups
  • Gumtree
  • Local networking sessions
  • Company websites
  • Call local businesses and enquire about any current or upcoming job opportunities.
  • Visit your local businesses in your interview attire, hand in your resume and speak to the manager.

Increase your chances

You may need additional qualifications, tickets or trainings to increase your chance of landing in a job.

MatchWorks can offer both financial and non-financial assistance to help you upskill. Eligibility criteria apply.

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