Dream today, Begin tomorrow

MatchWorks is committed to helping build a better future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers. Our dedicated staff focus on community engagement, skill development programs and real employment outcomes with employers who embrace diversity in their business.

We can assist you with: 

  • Pre-employment training and support (tailored to your needs)
  • Mentoring and goal setting (one-on-one or group programs)
  • Access to health and wellbeing services to assist you pre and post-employment
  • Links to training opportunities and community services such as housing support
  • Links with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community groups and Co-operatives
  • Post-placement support for both you and your employer so employment is ongoing

Margaret Moore Indigenous Job Seeker

It feels amazing to be working again and I love the land. The City of Greater Bendigo have given me a chance and I have plenty of support around me.

Margaret, former job seeker and Indigenous mother of three.

Deadly Yakka employment program

Our Deadly Yakka employability training programs for Indigenous job seekers is changing lives across Australia. Run over two-weeks, this free program for registered job seekers will support you to:

  • Set personal and professional goals
  • Build confidence and self-motivation
  • Boost your interview and job search skills
  • Inform you about workplace expectations
  • Connect you with employers with real employment opportunities

Each program also includes cultural activities such as a Smoking Ceremony and an Indigenous art day so you can reflect on your journey to employment.

Indigenous Former Job Seeker

“It makes me happy to get up and go to work and get the job done and go home to my kids. I think they’re a bit proud of their Mum.”

Jessie, former job seeker and Indigenous mother of three

Artwork by Chris Delamont, Wiradjuri, Riverina, Walking Together Brings Strength, 2019

Wambinya Goal Setting and Mentoring program

Not quite ready for an employment program? If you need tailored support to set life goals and career aspirations first, MatchWorks’ Wambinya Goal Setting and Mentoring Program will be the right fit for you. Run over three days, this free program for registered job seekers will help you:  

  • Develop employment pathways
  • Set life and career goals
  • Establish action plans to achieve their goals
  • Increase self-motivation and self-esteem.

Many Wambinya participants take the next step and complete the Deadly Yakka employment program. 

One-to-one mentoring

Sometimes, finding a job seems impossible with all the other challenges in day-to-day life. We offer one-to-one mentoring to assist you in overcoming these life hurdles first.

This support is tailored to your circumstances and once you are ready, we will help you build your skills and confidence to find lasting employment.

Contact us or call 1300 13 23 63 for more information.