Mature age employees bring so many benefits to a workplace. The reliability and life experience they offer are just the start!
At MatchWorks we help mature job seekers to break down barriers to employment.

Achieve program

This 8-day program is free for registered participants.

It offers practical support to help you secure lasting employment and transition back into work.

  • Build confidence using technology in your job search and at work
  • Recognise your strengths and skills
  • Cultivate a positive mindset and boost your self-esteem
  • Understand what employers are looking for and expect
  • Master different communication styles
  • Use technology effectively for job searches

Develop workplace skills and get job ready

  • Create resumes and cover letters that suit current job market demands
  • Navigate the interview process with confidence
  • Set SMART goals, including managing time effectively, and establishing positive routines
  • Identify and tackle personal barriers
  • Protect your online presence through savvy social media management

Additional support

Participants can access valuable support to find and keep suitable employment.

Our Employment Engagement and Placement (EEP) team connect participants to local employers and support participants as they settle into new roles.