Find lasting employment that fits in with your family commitments.

Parents Return program

Returning to the workforce after dedicating time to family care can be daunting. The transition can be overwhelming for parents, whether it has been one year or two decades.

Our 8-day program gives parents skills, confidence, and knowledge to tackle this challenge.

We’ll support you to relaunch your career, or to embark on new professional path.

In our Parents Return program you get tailored assistance. We’ll support you to thrive professionally and personally.

Learn skills to help you enjoy the benefits of employment and achieve work-life balance:

  • Career planning and goal setting to chart a fulfilling career path
  • Planning and organisation strategies including household chores, meal preparation, and childcare arrangements
  • Building positive relationships and being a positive role model at home and at work
  • Boost your self-esteem and self-awareness to help you to navigate challenges
  • Financial literacy essentials such as budgeting and effective money management.

Get employment and career guidance, including practical help throughout the application process:

  • Understand employer expectations
  • Align your personal strengths with professional opportunities
  • Learn job search strategies, including tapping into the hidden job market,
  • Tailor resumes and cover letters to suit current job market demands
  • Master the interview process with confidence
  • Manage your social media presence to enhance your professional and avoid common mistakes.