MatchWorks offers a range of tailored employment programs. We support job seekers from all backgrounds, and of all ages and abilities.

We can help you to build valuable skills and confidence that help you reach your goals.

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Workforce Australia

If you’re out of work and are registered with Centrelink we’re ready to help. Get tailored support, mentoring, training and practical assistance on your job search. Find the right employment opportunity for you.

Disability Employment Services

Are you living with an injury, disability or health condition and looking for work? MatchWorks can help you prepare for, find and keep a job. We’ll help you find employment that makes the most of your strengths and skills.

NDIS Connect

Are you an NDIS participant looking for work? We’re here to help. We work closely with you to create a personalised plan for success, making sure you have all the resources and support you need. Our service is FREE and does not require any funding from your NDIS plan.

Culturally and linguistically diverse job seekers

We support you to get work in Australia, with training and connections to community services. We have staff who speak multiple languages and understand your culture. Together we’ll get you working.

Employability Skills Training (EST)

Our Employability Skills Training (EST) helps people aged 15 years and over to explore their career options and develop job search skills We help job seekers to develop the workplace and industry specific skills that employers are looking for. You can focus on a specific industry or explore your options in a general course.

First Nations Employment programs

MatchWorks is committed to helping build a better future for First Nations job seekers. Our programs focus on cultural connections, building new skills and jobs with employers who value diversity.

iNDEPth Neurodivergent Employment

Our Neurodivergent employment initiative creates career opportunities for neurodivergent individuals by connecting you with employers who value your unique skills. With a person-centered approach, we step through neurodivergence with a focus on your strengths and interests as well as what strategies and resources you may need to assist you in the workplace. Our service delivery model will flex to your unique individual needs delivering a wholistic service that addresses where you are at in life and your career journey, what goals we can collaborate on for you to move into meaningful and purposeful employment suited to your lifestyle.

Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

We believe that with the right job and right support at work everyone can have meaningful paid employment. We provide highly tailored employment support to people living with serious mental health and other chronic conditions.

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Mature Age Job Seekers

Mature age employees bring so many benefits to a workplace, including experience and reliability. In our employment programs for job seekers aged 45+, we support you to build your digital literacy, confidence and skills. Get support to overcome barriers to employment and connect with employers who value your life experience.

Parents returning to work

Whether it’s been one or 20 years it can be daunting to return to work. We support parents by providing them with the skills, confidence and knowledge to restart a former career or create a new career path.

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Return to Work SA

Get personalised services and support to achieve the best possible recovery and return after a workplace injury. MatchWorks can support Return to Work SA participants across all regions of Adelaide, South Australia.

Skilling Queenslanders for Work – Ready for Work

Get support to become more employable and secure meaningful employment. We provide comprehensive courses over 6-8 weeks to help you build the essential and practical skills to transition into the workforce.

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The Exchange at Atherstone

We have partnered with Lendlease in The Exchange at Atherstone to offer free recruitment services. This partnership also provides open access to employment and training opportunities for residents and employers.


Learn new skills and develop the confidence to reach your employment goals. Our training programs are delivered by experienced trainers in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Work Release Employment Support

Get employment support to participate in NSW Work Release Programs NSW. Our assistance includes help with equipment and clothing required to commence work.


Job searching can be challenging, which is why we offer a series of FREE in-person workshops to help you succeed. Learn to craft resumes and cover letters, ace interviews, access the hidden job market, manage finances and navigate digital platforms.

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Youth employment

Our youth employment programs provide tailored support to build your skills and confidence. Be part of a supportive environment to help you achieve your career and personal goals.