Get experience and skills to help find a job and contribute to your local community.

As a job seeker provider, MatchWorks connects you with local not-for-profit and community organisations running Work for the Dole activities to provide work experience, meet new people and make new contacts.

Available activities include:

  • gardening and maintenance work
  • conservation or environmental projects
  • retail work
  • hospitality
  • office administration
  • warehouse duties.

Contact us to find out about Work for the Dole activities in your area.

Fast facts

How could Work for the Dole benefit me?

Work for the Dole activities give you chance to build your current job skills, learn new skills, network with employers and improve your chances of finding a job. Taking part in the activities help you:

  • Develop on-the-job skills
  • Demonstrate abilities to potential employers
  • Obtain references
  • Make new work contacts
  • Take part in training
  • Stay connected to the workforce
  • Support your local community.

Eligible job seekers aged 18 years through to pension who are registered with a job seeker provider may be required to participate in an approved activity. Your employment consultant can advise you if you have a Work for the Dole Phase – Annual Activity Requirement.

What activities can I be involved in?

Take part in Work for the Dole to keep receiving your income support if you are in Workforce Australia and have mutual obligation requirements. MatchWorks has a range of activities aligned to local ‘Skills in Demand’ available to job seekers who are required to undertake an approved Work for the Dole Phase activity. A Work for the Dole placement may be working as part of a team or an individual placement with a host organisation. Visit Work for the Dole activities page for more details.

How do I travel to a Work for the Dole activity?

If you participate in the program, you will receive and extra $20.80 a fortnight to assist with expenses such as transport. You can use your own transport or public transport. Some activities provide transport from a central pick-up point for projects not accessible by public transport. When you speak with your Employment Consultant about Work for the Dole, they will be able to help you plan your travel if required.

More information on Work for the Dole for job seekers: Federal Department of Employment.