Employment and Recovery through IPS program

Individual Placement Support (IPS) is a specialist employment program tailored to support people living with a mental illness receiving ongoing treatment through mental health clinics.

We believe that employment can positively benefit people in their recovery journey, and we are here to help.

MatchWorks in partnership with the Clinical Treatment Team (CTT) based at Armadale Mental Health Service on Orchard Avenue is offering Specialist Employment program for outpatient from the clinic.

To be eligible to participate in the Individual Placement Support (IPS) program, you will need to:

  • Be eligible to receive Disability Employment Services.
  • Be an outpatient at the Armadale Mental Health Service on Orchard Avenue.
  • Actively looking to progress into employment.

IPS Consultant will be working closely with the outpatient’s clinical team at the Armadale Mental Health Service – Orchard Avenue Centre to better understand their barriers and best support them in their employment journey.

Ready to take your first step towards your employment?

Discuss your motivation to work with your clinical team and ask them to submit a referral to the IPS Consultant based out of the clinic.

Our IPS Consultant could help you:

  • Build your resume
  • Support with job searching
  • Run mock interviews
  • Attend interviews with you
  • Help you pick your interview clothing
  • Introduce you to employers
  • Transition into employment
  • Provide on the job training and support