MatchWorks supports job seekers from all backgrounds to find work. In NSW, we also help people in custody (or exiting custody) with job placements via Work Release Programs.

We know that returning to work after a custodial sentence can be hard. We provide personalised employment support to help you find and keep a job.

Our support includes:

  • Getting to know more about you and your situation.
  • Discussing what type of opportunities could suit you.
  • Providing guidance and mentoring to prepare for work.
  • Introducing you to suitable employers.
  • Assisting you in applying for jobs.
  • Organising the equipment and clothing you need to start work.
  • Providing access to transport, such as Opal Cards or bikes.

We’ll continue to support you and your employer once you start work, including:

  • Helping you adjust to your new role.
  • Exploring opportunities to build on your skills.
  • Offering career guidance in line with your strengths and skills.