Tailored support for job seekers

Get support and practical help to find the right job for you.

MatchWorks is a Workforce Australia provider. We have over 25 years of experience helping people to find and keep jobs.

Our team has strong relationships with local and national employers. We connect job seekers to new and unadvertised opportunities.

We’ll provide mentoring and connect you to education and training opportunities.

You’ll also get personalised, ongoing support to help you secure lasting employment.

We help people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities, including people who:

Make your job search easier with us. We’ll help you to boost your skills, confidence, and work readiness.

Register with MatchWorks

If you’re unemployed and apply for income support with Centrelink, you’ll be connected with a Workforce Australia provider such as MatchWorks.

Option 1: Referral to MatchWorks from Centrelink

Please register with Centrelink first. You can then ask Centrelink to be referred to MatchWorks as your Workforce Australia provider.

Option 2: Register directly with MatchWorks

Once you have your Centrelink referral, you can register as a MatchWorks job seeker by calling 1300 13 23 63. Or you can visit your nearest MatchWorks office.

Our tailored job seeker services include support with:

  • Resumes, cover letters, and job search training
  • Discovering your skills, interests and strengths
  • Links to employers who value diversity and have real jobs
  • Sourcing relevant training for your career path
  • Work experience opportunities
  • Ongoing support until you are settled in your new job
  • Access to health and wellbeing professionals to be at your best
  • Work clothing, licences, interview clothing and transport to your job interviews.

Further information

Find out more about MatchWorks job seeker services.

For more information on Workforce Australia, visit the Federal Government’s Workforce Australia website.