Are you a First Nations job seeker? Our Indigenous programs can help you prepare for and find lasting employment.

We’re dedicated to helping First Nations people to achieve their career goals and enjoy a bright future.

We create a safe and welcoming space where you can be your real self and gain new skills and confidence.

Our programs embrace First Nations culture and may include:

  • Smoking ceremonies
  • Art days
  • Yarning circles.

You’ll reflect on your heritage and move towards employment with pride and resilience.

The program includes:

  • Tailored pre-employment training and support tailored to your needs.
  • Access to health and wellbeing services before you start work and after you’re employed.
  • Links to training opportunities and community services. This can include housing support.
  • Links with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community groups and Co-operatives.
  • Ongoing support after you start work to help you settle into the role.

Deadly Yakka employment program

The Deadly Yakka program takes you on a journey of self-discovery and growth. This free, two-week program for registered job seekers can help you:

  • Set personal and professional goals
  • Build confidence and self-motivation
  • Boost interview and job search skills
  • Learn about workplace expectations
  • Connect with inclusive employers and job opportunities.

Cultural heritage and inclusivity are core elements of the Deadly Yakka program. The program begins with a Welcome to Country and a smoking ceremony (where possible). Next, employment specialists, employers and other guests offer invaluable insights.

Together, we create a supportive network to uplift and inspire each participant.

Wambinya Goal Setting and Mentoring program

Wambinya (wom-bin-ya) is a tailored program helping First Nations people discover their purpose.

It’s a program to explore and set your career goals. You can also access mentors who can guide you through the process to become job-search ready.

Over 3 days, our Wambinya mentors will support you to:

  • Become clearer about your strengths and career goals.
  • Explore employment options that are right for you.
  • Create practical plans to help you achieve your goals.
  • Increase your motivation and self-esteem.
  • Find new ways to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Many Wambinya graduates go on to complete the Deadly Yakka pre-employment program.

Let us help you achieve your employment goals.

One-to-one mentoring

We offer one-to-one mentoring to help you to overcome any hurdles you may face. You’ll get tailored guidance to help you discover your goals.

We’ll support you to build your skills and confidence as you prepare for employment.

Contact us or call 1300 13 23 63 for more information.