Believe today, begin tomorrow

We know the value employees with a disability, injury or health condition bring to a business – less absenteeism, fewer injuries and greater retention to name a few.

Every year, we help thousands of Disability Employment Service (DES) job seekers prepare for, find and keep a job.

When you choose MatchWorks as your provider, we work together to achieve your goals and tailor support to your individual circumstances and abilities. We focus on what you want your career to look like first. We then identify your strengths and abilities and help you develop a work plan to achieve your goals.

Our friendly MatchWorks staff can also support you with:

  • Resumes, cover letters, interview tips and job search training.
  • Discovering your skills, interests and strengths
  • Links to employers who value diversity in their business
  • Work experience opportunities to help you gain the skills you need to succeed.
  • Ongoing support until you are settled in your new job.
  • Access to health and wellbeing professionals so you can perform at your best
  • Work clothing, licences, interview clothing and transport to your job interviews

Hear from our clients

Thanks to MatchWorks’ advice, studying and changing careers was “the best thing I’ve ever done”. – Katrina

“When I wake up in the morning, I look forward to coming to this place… It’s saved my life.” – Dean speaking about this new job thanks to the assistance received from MatchWorks

“My confidence levels were low, but they improved with guidance and professionalism found from MatchWorks and their belief that I can conquer this obstacle and to never let anything stand in my way” – Katerina

“I can’t thank the team enough for helping me out!” – Nathan

Register with MatchWorks

It’s easy to register for Disability Employment Services (DES) with MatchWorks.

Step1: Review the below checklist to ensure you are eligible

Step 2: Tell us a little bit about yourself by completing the contact us form or call 1300 13 23 63 and speak to one of our friendly staff.

If you complete our online form, we will be in contact the next business day to get you started on your employment journey.

Eligibility checklist for Disability Employment Services:

  • I have a diagnosed injury, illness or disability
  • I’m in receipt of an Income Support payment or pension.
  • I’m aged between 14 and 65
  • I’m at or above the minimum working age (check the laws in your state)
  • I’m an Australia resident
  • I’m not studying full time (unless I’m an eligible school leaver)
  • I’m able to work at least eight hours per week (with support if I need it)
  • I’m not currently working at or above my assessed employment capacity

MatchWorks delivers Disability Employment Services from over 120 locations across Australia. Find a location near you.

Can I choose my DES provider?

Yes. You can choose your DES provider. You can also choose how you receive services (e.g. face-to-face, over the phone or video chat) after an initial face-to-face meeting. You can also change providers at any time without giving a reason.

Further details

Visit our Job Seekers section for further information on MatchWork’s employment services.

Or get more details on the Disability Employment Services program from Job Access or Department of Social Services.