Anthony’s determination to walk, work and live well

Like Anthony, the team at MatchWorks would not give up on finding employment for the determined 58-year-old.

In 2021, Anthony’s left leg was amputated below the knee after life-threatening complications from a small injury.

“The doctor said that at the end of the day I had two choices. I could either lose my leg or lose my heartbeat,” he said.

After surgery, the Sherwood resident was determined to learn to walk again with his new prosthetic leg. He wanted to get back to work and the things he enjoyed.

Anthony became a frequent visitor at the Rocklea MatchWorks office. His Maltese Shi Tsu named ‘Wot’, and his parrot ‘Dude’ would also attend to keep him company and entertain the employment team.

They were determined to find a flexible and inclusive employer who would value Anthony’s drive and positivity.

They approached a local business, Containers for change, to suggest that Anthony could be a great fit. They also outlined how they could assist with wage subsidies and modifications.

“After they explained who I was, I got a call to go in for an interview within an hour. It was the way they presented me that that made the difference,” Anthony said.

“I went for the interview and got the job an hour and half later.

Anthony says he could not get past the interview process before joining the Disability Employment Services provider.

“I’d put resumes out and I’d go and see businesses. I’d make sure I was wearing my dress shorts so they could see my leg. As soon as I walked in they would drop their eyes,” he said.

“If it wasn’t for Phil, Marnie, Aidan and Mata I wouldn’t have a job. They have gone above and beyond. They are magic.”

For Anthony, starting in his new role late in 2023 has been a life-altering boost.

He’s now working three shifts a week and enjoys feeling productive and part of a supportive team.

“It’s the feeling of getting up and doing something in the day. The feeling of being useful,” he said.

“You know – you can only watch so many hours of NCIS!”

“I have nothing but good things to say about my bosses. They’re great.”

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