Luke’s life-changing work opportunity

Luke story highlights how finding the right job can truly change a life.

Living with Asperger’s, Luke had never had the opportunity to work. This left the Melbourne job seeker low in confidence and experience. Yet, Luke was determined not to let these barriers get in the way of him living a full life.

With the support of MatchWorks and his mum Elizabeth, Luke secured a pick packer role at Sole Distribution in Cheltenham. Eighteen months on, he still loves the role and his family are very proud and grateful.

“Before coming to MatchWorks, Luke struggled to get interviews,” Elizabeth said.

Luke has achieved many milestones since starting work including getting his licence and buying a car. His next goal is purchasing his first home.

“We tried as many avenues as we could, but struggled to find out what resources were available to help him get a job. My son lost a lot of confidence in this time and became quite depressed…we were very worried about him.”

Finding the right support for Luke

Needing tailored support, Elizabeth and Luke found an understanding team willing to go above and beyond for Luke.

“Every person that we dealt with followed through with every request, and went over and above to help Luke,” she said.

“The availability of someone to attend appointments and interviews with my son made such a difference. Previously, Luke was never given a chance to shine and now he is well on his way to a bright future.”

Elizabeth said Luke’s confidence and independence had grown in leaps and bounds since he started working.

“He has achieved many milestones in this short time like getting his licence, buying a car and now he is beginning to look at how he can purchase his first home,” she said.

“Did you know that your agency has affected this much change in someone’s life? All I can say is thank you so much.”

MatchWorks Assistant Site Manager Tumay Hamza said the team were proud to see how much Luke’s life had changed over the past year and a half.

“We are so glad to see Luke happy and flourishing through his employment life and it really shines the spotlight on why we do what we do.”

Do you need assistance to find the right job?

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