Indigenous culture inspires a new purpose – Steven’s story.

Surf Coast job seeker Steven has celebrated over 12 months working as a Barista at Narana, a not-for-profit organisation that educates visitors about the world’s oldest living culture.

During his professional career, Steven had successfully worked as a social worker, a support worker and a hairdresser. He wanted a career change and completed a pathology course after the field spiked his interest. However, a job proved elusive, and he ended up at MatchWorks Torquay for help to find work.

Finding the support he needed

Steven met with MatchWorks Employment Consultant, Leanne McPherson to discuss a few options in different industries.

“I had never been with a job agency before,” Steven said.

“MatchWorks was very helpful and supportive and gave me a choice of places to volunteer at.”

Steven chose Café Assistant at the café at Narana, an educational and tourism focused destination committed to offering a welcoming introduction to today’s Indigenous culture.

“Steven commenced at Café Narana, completing eight weeks as part of the Work for the Dole program for his government payment and continued to volunteer even after his requirements were met,” Leanne said.

During this time, Steven was keen to move into a role as a Barista. Leanne guided him to genU Training.

Leanne supported Steven with:

  • The opportunity to develop his barista and hospitality skills at genU Training.
  • Petrol vouchers to travel to work.
  • Vouchers for his work clothes.
  • Obtaining permanent employment.

“I really enjoyed my volunteer work at Narana and was happy when I was offered a permanent part-time role mid-last year,” Steven said.

“I work there four days a week now. It’s a really good team and I’m inspired by the Aboriginal culture and the work that I’m doing. We get lots of different visitors, including school groups and Rotary Club.

“I’ve started doing events now too. There’s always room to grow and do different things there. This is a long-term role for me.”

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