Arief finds stability with the right support.

Despite a language barrier and the upheaval of 2020, Arief’s determination to find a job and provide for his family has paid off. The former job seeker has landed a job as a Picker with Sumpec Vegetables in Perth.

Arief arrived in Australia as a refugee from Indonesia in 2002. He was keen to work and support his wife, children and mother, but company closures and lack of regular income made it hard for him to pay his bills. He also had challenges with reading and writing in English.

“It was hard to find a permanent job, and this got worse during the pandemic,” Arief said.

“Centrelink money does not cover my family expenses even though we manage the money tightly.”

MatchWorks Employment Business Development Consultant, Gary Van Vliet could see how much Arief wanted to work.

“Arief came to us in 2019, and would come in to the MatchWorks Cannington office every week looking for work,” Gary said.

“He was really keen but was struggling to find a job on his own because of the language barrier.”

A different opportunity

MatchWorks Employment Consultant, Jacinta Peleti and Gary worked together to place Arief in work, usually in food processing, however ongoing work was needed. With Employment Consultant, Wei Krishna’s help, Arief had the opportunity to interview for a job at Sumpec Vegetables.

Jacinta, Wei and Gary helped Arief with:

  • Resume and interview preparation.
  • Supported interviews.
  • Job trials.
  • Purchasing fuel and personal protective equipment for work.

Arief immediately made a great impression on Sumpec Vegetable owners Peter and Ross Sumich. He has continued to impress with his reliability, honesty and hard-working nature.

“I visited Arief at work and he was beaming,” Gary said. “This role has increased his confidence and self-esteem. He’s made a few friends at work too.”

Arief at work with Sumpec Vegetable owner, Peter Sumich.

“I can pay my bills now and have been able to start saving,” Arief said.

“I’m learning how to do more things on the farm like driving the tractor, and I’m keen to continue there.”

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