Empowering Youth

Overview of Youth Community – Empowering Youth

Youth Community will engage young people in a facilitated peer support group aimed at taking action to achieve employment goals for both themselves and their peers.
Supported through online gamification strategies & achievement of rewards, Youth community uses a combination of group based & individual services

Each participant will be engaged for 6 months during each project both pre and post gaining employment. Young people will be supporting each other whilst promoting themselves and other peers to employers.

Upfront there are 3 weeks of intensive training which will include:
·         Employability,
·         Peer leadership and support,
·         Marketing,
·         Introduction to the online game.
·         Activities which form points for the game but also which will progress participants toward employment

There will be a weekly peer advocacy club. Weightings will be assigned for activities which progress young people toward employment..

When a young person gains employment the online connection continues and rewards relate to retaining employment.