XLR8 youth program sets James up for job success

Parramatta job seeker, James came to MatchWorks in January 2020 determined to improve his confidence and self-esteem to gain employment.

The young job seeker was finding it difficult to self-motivate, so a place in the XLR8 program was just what James needed. Here, he rediscovered his purpose and learned vital skills which led to a job offer 7 weeks ago. 

“James’ enthusiasm and commitment shone through in the group,” MatchWorks Employment Consultant, Christina Lui said.

“James had a 100 per cent attendance rate in the program, and applied himself well through all the online learning modules.

“Working at his own pace, he was able to realise his abilities and develop new skills which made the next step much easier.”

Christina said the three-week XLR8 program assisted James to successfully boost his confidence and effectively market himself for a role at ALDI’s warehouse in Minchinbury

“James jumped at the chance to be interviewed,” Christina said.

“After a promising mock interview, James took part in the real interview and came back with the great news that he was successful.”

James said this job has given him a new lease of life, especially in these uncertain times of COVID-19.

“If you get the opportunity to do this program, do it. It’s really helpful and obviously you have to put in your half of the work to achieve what you want to achieve, but it’s worth it,” he said.

“It’s changed a lot for me and I am really proud of myself.”

James now has plans to study full-time so he can achieve his future career goals.

Our XLR8 program is currently being delivered online due to COVID-19. Contact us to find out more.