Work experience opportunity leads to dream job for Brad

An opportunity to undertake work experience has resulted in passionate home brewer Brad securing a job in his dream industry.

The Sydney local, who has autism, had a goal of working in open employment. Brad came to MatchWorks Liverpool seeking assistance after feeling unsupported at other job agencies. Employment Consultant Grant Carney worked with Brad to obtain his Responsible Service of Alcohol and Responsible Conduct of Gambling certifications, as well as refining his resume.

Brad’s persistence and hard work got him the job at The Grifter Brewing Co.

After reaching out to numerous breweries in Sydney, The Grifter Brewing Co. invited Brad for a tour of the facilities in August. Employers Glenn and Ben were unsure whether they were able to provide employment, but upon meeting Brad were so impressed with his passion for brewing that he was offered a day of work experience.

Brad proved to be such a success during this placement that he has recently begun ongoing employment for two afternoons each week. This life changing outcome, which is a testament to his hard work and persistence, has thrilled Brad and his whole family.

“No one has even managed to find employment for Brad so this is a game changer in his life,” mother Christina Guy said.

“A huge thank you to Grant at the Liverpool office who managed to get Brad his first job in his life. We are celebrating and Brad is over the moon with excitement.

“All he wanted was work. This is a very exciting chapter for us, and Grant made that happen.”

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