Work for the Dole participants revitalise church garden

South Melbourne community members have a rejuvenated garden to enjoy after a group of Work for the Dole (WfD) participants completed an activity at St Peter and St Paul’s Church.

The garden has been part of St Peter and St Paul’s Church grounds for more than 160 years and was in dire need of maintenance and repair.

Garden entrance at St Peter nd St Paul's church

Rejuvenated garden at St Peter and St Paul’s Church.

WfD participants added bluestone borders around garden beds, installed new paved areas, and replanted shurbs, grasses and small plants over six months.

MatchWorks WfDC broker Benton Segal said participants produced a fantastic space for the community.

“The participants and supervisors have done a great job, and we’d really like to thank everyone involved for their hard work,” he said.

“We had a number of participants and supervisors work on the activity, and it’s great that everyone came together to produce this result – the church has a great space now for the community to enjoy”

WfD participant Jack said working on the garden made him feel appreciated.

“Before I started I was actually dreading the activity because I’m not a very physical person,” he said.

“But after a few weeks of being here, I actually really enjoyed it and it’s nice to contribute to a worthwhile cause and feel appreciated.”

MatchWorks, Reclink Australia and Max Employment combined to coordinate the WfD activity at the church.

The Work for the Dole programme is an Australian Government initiative.