Supportive employer helps Iranian job seeker realise employment goals

ESG has sustained a great relationship with JB Medical Equipment in Prestons, New South Wales, since May 2016.

This relationship has resulted in the recruitment of eight ESG job seekers, some of which have mental health and disability barriers.

JB Medical Equipment Director Jean Pierre and ESG job seeker Elvin,

JB Medical Equipment Director Jean Pierre and ESG job seeker Elvin.

ESG job seeker Elvin (pictured) was a new arrival from Iran, with limited work experience and was a very quiet and softly spoken person.

JB Medical Equipment Director Jean Pierre Siong said the relationship with ESG was started by an on-site visit to the premises and Elvin started in full-time employment soon after.

“Helen Nyfakos, the ESG Employer Solutions Consultant for Sydney South West, met with me after an employer enquiry regarding our services. She made contact with us back in May 2016 and we’ve sustained a great relationship since,” Jean Pierre said.

“Elvin was employed in June 2016 and 12 months on there has been a clear improvement in his confidence levels and English language skills.

“Employment Services Group has offered us a wage subsidy and Helen has always performed follow-up calls to discuss the job seekers’ progress. We’ve also seen positive changes in the job seeker attitudes towards work and our clients have been providing us with great feedback.”