Supermarket Trolley Collections holds long-standing relationship with MatchWorks

MatchWorks and Supermarket Trolley Collections (STC) established a relationship more than 12 years ago, which led to employment for nine job seekers who are still employed by the business.

STC has been operating for more than 16 years and is contracted by Woolworths to collect trolleys for their Geelong stores. Their longest standing employee came from MatchWorks more than 12 years ago.

STC Director Bob O’Riley said all staff learn the job directly from him ensuring a consistent message is conveyed.

“All staff are direct employees; we don’t sub contract. A safe working environment is key for us and we continually focus on that for our staff, so that both they and the customers are safe,” Bob said.

“We aim to provide a supportive working environment for our staff and all staff are paid award wages and entitlements. We have a low turnover of staff, with some now eligible for Long Service Leave which is unheard of in this industry.”

Pictured: MatchWorks job seekers Jake and Max with STC Director Bob O’Riley (middle).

Pictured: MatchWorks job seekers Jake and Max with STC Director Bob O’Riley (middle).

MatchWorks DES job seekers Jake and Max are both employed by STC and love the work environment provided by their employer Bob.  MatchWorks Geelong team member Richard Johnson said Max has been with STC for about nine months since commencing in July 2017.

“Max told us he enjoys communicating with customers, working outdoors and having a routine,” Richard said.

“Jake, who came to MatchWorks in October 2016, attended appointments every fortnight and actively job searched until he had addressed and improved his communication skills well enough to secure employment.

“The MatchWorks team is super proud of the steps Jake and Max have taken to stay in employment and turn their lives around.”