Stephen’s life transformed with new job

When Sunshine job seeker Stephen came to MatchWorks, he was long-term unemployed, had severe anxiety and lacked purpose in his life. His confidence was also very low after being bullied in his last workplace. Once he was connected to our team at Sunshine, this all changed.

Employment consultant Wolfgang Web saw potential in Stephen and worked with him to regain his confidence. He also linked Stephen to one of our Health and Wellbeing Consultants to set short-term goals and improve his health.

“At the start, Stephen was sabotaging job opportunities presented to him due to his lack of confidence. We referred him to our Wellbeing Consultant, Alicia, and he immediately began to show signs of progress,” Wolfgang said.

“The change was dramatic. Stephen was one of few successful applicants to secure a job at Australia Post as a forklift driver. He was very nervous before starting but with strong support from the team including his Post-Placement Support Officer, Nikki, Stephen’s confidence soared.”

Former job seeker, Stephen, Post Placement Support Officer, Nikki, and Employment Consultant, Wolfgang from MatchWorks in Sunshine.

With newfound confidence and purpose, Stephen was not deterred once the hours at Australia Post started slowing down. He quickly landed a new position with Bayside Benders as a factory hand and recently celebrated three months in the role.

“Stephen recognises the positive impact work has on his mental health and family life. He is extremely happy and regularly visits our office to chat about how grateful he is for the support. It turned his life around,” Wolfgang said.

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