St Albans job seeker overcomes challenges to find long-term role

Keshlin Vyas is a shining example of a positive, resilient woman determined to work.

Diagnosed with Lupus as a child, Keshlin lives with ongoing joint pain and fatigue. Managing the symptoms on a daily basis is not easy. Yet the former St Albans job seeker was determined not to let the physical and emotional challenges of the disease keep her from working.

Carlos Corado, Keshlin Vyas, Kim Nguyan and Vivian Dang in the MatchWorks St Albans office.

“It was clear Keshlin had a strong work-ethic when she first came to MatchWorks. Her confidence was low however and she needed ongoing support to find a role that was right for her,” Employer Consultant, Kim Nguyen said.

“Together we worked on building Keshlin’s self-esteem and tapped into her previous experience to find her a job as an educator at a local childcare centre.”

Yet, the hours were too long and exhausting for Keshlin. Her confidence and self-worth were sliding and in the first six months, she continually feared being dismissed.

Post-Placement Support Consultant Vivian Dang worked closely with Keshlin to find a way to balance the demands of the job with her constant fatigue and joint pain.

“Grace Street Early Learning Centre were able to transfer Keshlin into a part-time administration role. This change has seen her go from strength-to-strength in the workplace,” Vivian said.

“It takes something extra to succeed at work while managing a chronic illness. Keshlin makes sure she goes above and beyond to do her best every day. She is very efficient and has even taken the initiative to learn aspects of the business outside of her role. Staff and parents turn to her for support and information, and it has been inspiring to watch her confidence and skills grow.”

In October last year, the former job seeker faced another set-back when she discovered her kidneys were failing. Keshlin remains in positive spirits however, as she knows she has ongoing support from her family, employer and the team at MatchWorks.

”Work is what gives me relief. I have learned to push through some days and ask for help on days where I need rest,” Keshlin said.

“I still have goals that I want to achieve and I’m going to keep going so that I can achieve those goals.”

Congratulations to Keshlin who will soon mark her 2 year anniversary at St Alban’s Grace Street Early Learning Centre. Her determination to overcome challenges and find sustainable, life-changing work is inspiring.

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