St Albans job seeker feels proud in new employment

St Albans job seeker Zora commenced as a MatchWorks DES client in 2016 to address her barriers and find meaningful employment.

Zora had lost her confidence, self-esteem and developed anxiety following a medical incident. She also had a fear of public transport and relied on her parents.

St Albans job seeker Zora.

St Albans job seeker Zora.

During this time, Zora lost her motivation to work and needed intensive support with her job search skills, interview techniques and presentation.

St Albans assistant site manager Kate Ngo said Zora was supported into a volunteering position at Western Health by Sarah Knuckey, where she learnt and developed admin experience and slowly built up her confidence.

“Sarah also assisted her to purchase some clothing for her work experience,” Kate said.

“Katherine took over when Sarah left the team and assisted Zora with intensive job search training in a group setting. Zora demonstrated her commitment to attend and participate in every session and her enthusiasm to find employment.”

After working on Zora’s skills and confidence, she was then referred to the Department of Premier and Cabinet Work Experience Program by Vivian Dang and site manager Marcelo Marcote and was offered a job interview.

“We assisted Zora to purchase a myki card and took her to the workplace several times prior to her interview. Zora faced her fears and prepared herself to work in the city using public transport,” Kate said.

“Zora was successful in securing a three-month placement in the program, which was later extended. Zora was further coached and supported so she could continue to learn and grow within the role. Her confidence and motivation improved significantly as a result.”

Zora successfully completed the Work Experience Program and was offered a permanent fixed-term contract over 12 months for three days a week as an Administrative Assistant. She will commence on April 16 with the possibility of extension and will continue do to one day of work experience at the hospital.

“Zora has become an independent, confident and self-motivated employee and feels incredibly accomplished and proud of her achievements,” Kate said.

“She said her whole family is proud of her and is impressed with her personal and work life. She takes her job very seriously and believes that the Department recognises and appreciates her effort and she also couldn’t be more proud to give back to the community through her public servant role and ongoing volunteer work.”