Ricky and James creating winning team thanks to MatchWorks

MatchWorks Oaklands Park developed a relationship with Café Felice in the Westfield Marion Shopping Centre in January 2017.

MatchWorks worked with Café Felice to create a “coffee runner” role for a job seeker with a disability, who would deliver coffee to offices in the Westfield Towers.

MatchWorks job seeker James with Café Felice owner Ricky Sharda.

MatchWorks job seeker James with Café         Felice owner Ricky Sharda.

This relationship led to employment for MatchWorks job seeker James, who had been out of work for more than a year. James, who has an intellectual disability, is employed as a coffee runner for 15 hours a week and services 17 offices.

Café Felice owner Ricky Sharda said he is happy due to the new customers he is gaining, the financial benefits it’s having for his small business and with James’ attitude towards fellow staff members, office workers and this role.

“MatchWorks managed the entire recruitment process and helped with matching and screening candidates. Ted from MatchWorks sat in on the interviews and helped with introductions and asking questions,” Ricky said.

“Overall, James has done very well when interacting with office workers in the towers and has carried out this newly created role above my expectations. I feel he is now a lot more social and comfortable with facing new situations and challenges.”