Single mum overcomes long-term unemployment

After eight years as a stay-at-home mum, Kylie was finding it difficult to get back into the workforce and the single mother of two desperately needed to break the cycle of long-term unemployment.

That’s where MatchWorks stepped in and partnered with Spotless Group’s Industry Participation Program to help open a new door for Kylie.    

“HydroChem had an urgent need for a part-time administration assistant to fill a short-term contract in their Adelaide site,” MatchWorks Consultant, Claire Jackson said. 

“Kylie had previous administration experience and I knew how much she would value this opportunity to gain current work experience and a reference after so many years out of work.”

The short-term opportunity with the national water treatment company reaped big rewards for the Adelaide job seeker. HydoChem was impressed with Kylie’s work ethic and skills, and offered her ongoing work in their administration team.

HydroChem Operations Manager Jason Aigner with Kylie (centre) and Supervisor Jannelle Angus

“I’m a lot happier now and the hours fit perfectly with my family life,” Kylie said.

“When I wasn’t working, I was depressed and hating everything…now I work with great people who show me new things…I feel like part of a family.”

The former job seeker has just celebrated six months in her administration role and encourages other parents returning to work to remain hopeful about finding a role that fits in with family commitments.

“Don’t give up…there will be something out there for you. Sometimes even the smallest opportunities can turn into bigger and better things.”

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