Serco partners with MatchWorks to build diverse workforce

Serco is a business where people and values really matter. As one of the largest public service companies in the world, they are passionate about giving people from all backgrounds and skill-sets the opportunity to work. So when Serco opened their Victorian contact centre operations in 2018, they prioritised building an accessible workplace and recruiting a diverse workforce.

Serco now employs around 50 people with disability in their contact centres and many have been recruited in partnership with Disability Employment Services provider, MatchWorks.

“We are proud of our commitment to bring diversity and inclusion to our workforce and have made it a priority to build teams which are reflective of the communities we serve,” Andrea Medson, Serco Contract Manager for National Disability Insurance Agency said.

“Our centres manage between 5000 and 6000 contacts each day and we make use of everyone’s capabilities. We work closely with employees throughout the training and consolidation process and provide extra coaching and support until our people are confident and comfortable doing the role.”

Andrea said Serco often adjusts roles to suit the individual and open, honest communication with staff has helped build a socially responsible culture.

“We have built a culture where it’s understood that an individual approach is necessary when setting targets and assessing performance. Employee feedback has also helped us shape a supportive working environment,” she said.

Many of the staff employed had been long-term unemployed prior to their role with Serco and Andrea said it was fulfilling to watch their confidence and capabilities grow.

“One of our team members lives with a vision impairment and hadn’t worked for 18 months before she started with us in a customer service role. She is now a team leader and one of our many success stories. We also know we are giving people more than a job – many of our staff catch up outside of work which is very positive as many felt isolated before starting work.”

Andrea said Serco had a longstanding relationship with MatchWorks and would recommend other employers to partner with an expert in disability employment.

“MatchWorks has helped us place and support multiple people with disability into our business. Contact centres usually have a high turnover yet we rarely lose staff as we invest in our people.”

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