Sara’s persistence leads to dream career

St Albans job seeker Sara came to MatchWorks in April 2017 as she was unhappy with her previous employment provider.

Sara had just begun studying part-time with the Academy of Hair & Beauty and hoped to one day become a body piercing artist with assistance from MatchWorks. When Sara met with employment consultant Hang Nguyen, she revealed that she was experiencing various personal health conditions.

Sara (right) with her employment consultant Hang.

Sara (right) with her employment consultant Hang.

“Sara remained motivated despite her barriers and strived to find a part-time job while working towards completing her studies,” Hang said.

“Sara and I worked together to increase and develop her interview skills, while I also reverse marketed her to several employers.”

In November 2017, Sara successfully gained employment as a Retail Assistant at body piercing store in Eastland Shopping Centre.  She was initially hesitant about driving over an hour to get to work, however she persisted with the long drives so that she could reach her career goals.

Sara said she was thankful for MatchWorks’ support in keeping her motivated and assisting her with travel costs and educational fees.

“It was hard… but I didn’t give up,” Sara said.

Sara also experienced ongoing pain while working with her health condition, but continued to persevere so that she could do what she loved. In May 2018, Sara underwent surgery and is also now in the final stages of completing her course.

“Over the past six months, Sara demonstrated an increase in her skills and confidence. Because of Sara’s persistence, reliability, and positive attitude, extra shifts were always offered to her,” Hang said.