Rosebud job seeker finds sense of purpose through employment

Rosebud job seeker Sotirios came to MatchWorks seeking an employment opportunity and a sense of purpose.

Sotirios has a learning disability and was facing social isolation at the time of his initial appointment in May 2014. He was volunteering, but wanted to find paid employment.

MatchWorks job seeker Sotirios with his employers.

MatchWorks job seeker Sotirios with his employers.

He attended appointments with MatchWorks Rosebud employment consultant Jo Thomas, who said Sotirios was happy to engage in any suggested activity to help him gain employment. Jo assisted Sotirios to gain employment as a cleaner for two half days a week. He started in October 2016.

“To assist Sotirios with his employment I collected him and took him to work for his first two weeks of employment. I also assisted him by showing him how to perform the required tasks and created visual tick lists, so he had a guide while working unsupervised,” she said.

“The feedback I had from the employer is that Sotirios is doing very well. He is polite and shows great diligence to the task he must complete. He has never been late or had a sick day since commencing employment and thoroughly loves the environment and the people he works with.

“Sotirios said employment has given him the sense of purpose he was looking for. It has also provided an opportunity for him to create new networks and to participate in social functions and work activities.”