Robyn thriving in full-time job

When Robyn Deane approached MatchWorks Melton in 2017 she was low in confidence following a negative experience at a previous workplace. The prospect of finding another job was daunting, but with the encouragement and support of the MatchWorks team, Robyn became job-ready and found employment at Pickles Auctions last year.

Since working at Pickles Auctions, Robyn has become a much loved team member and is now a full-time employee. At the beginning of this year she was awarded Employee of the Month, and has recently been nominated again.

 Robyn (second from left), with the team at Pickles Auctions

As a testament to Robyn’s work ethic she was one of just five employees chosen to work at this month’s Prestige Auction night, which saw her driving and displaying luxury cars.

For Robyn, working at Pickles Auctions has given her a new level of self-confidence.

“When I first started with them, I could never see myself being able to cope with employment, even though I very much wanted to work,” she said.

“Since I have been at this job I have won a lot of awards as I have done my best and they see it. This has increased my confidence and ability to keep improving myself.”

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