Program assists MatchWorks job seeker to improve his life

Jason is one of 18 job seekers who entered the City Pathways program looking to find employment and improve his life.

The program is an initiative between Melbourne City Football Club (MCFC) and MatchWorks, which encourages job seekers to link wellness with finding employment.

MatchWorks job seeker Jason in his new workplace.

MatchWorks job seeker Jason in his new workplace.

Participants engaged in a weekly low-key activity to ease them into the day, followed by lunch and an afternoon of employment-related activities with some excursions included.

At the beginning of the program, Jason was a shy and reserved person, who was suffering from low self-confidence, low self-esteem, depression, symptoms of anxiety and other health concerns. He had also been unemployed for more than two years.

Through the program, Jason has been able to build on his self-worth and self-esteem through practical activities and targeted training. The aim was to build on his confidence to show employers his full potential.

Program mentors also assisted Jason with various employability skills. Jason’s confidence started to improve following positive feedback from the work trials and interviews and he was able to break the cycle of unemployment, gain a job and improve his life through the program.

He was offered employment with two hairdressing companies – Hairhouse Warehouse and Next Dimension Hair & Co. He has been in employment with Next Dimension since December 2016 and said he is “loving life”.