Passion pays off for new ‘Boostie’ Tiahnee

A new job with Boost Juice is an achievement to celebrate for 23-year-old Tiahnee, who lives with Cerebral Palsy.

The Oaklands Park resident is proud to officially become a ‘Boostie’, recently starting work with a brand and organisation she has admired for many years.

She is enjoying the fun, upbeat team atmosphere at the Glenelg juice bar, which is a convenient 5-minute bus ride from home.

“I absolutely love Boost Juice, I probably drink it way too often! I love working there and the people are really good,” she said.

Tiahnee is wearing a Boost Juice branded black t-shirt and apron. She is smiling, standing with one had on hip in the Boost Juice store food preparation area.

In the face of ongoing barriers to employment that are commonly experienced by people living with disability, Tiahnee has demonstrated admirable focus and persistence.

“Since I left school it was very hard to get work. After my last work I spent two years trying to find a job,” Tiahnee explained. “I was just so eager and keen to work”.

As a Disability Employment Services client, she chose MatchWorks for support with her career goals.

“My mum’s best friend’s son went there and they said MatchWorks are really good,” she said.

She became a frequent visitor to Oaklands Park MatchWorks, working closely with her Employment Consultant Morgan and the team to build her skills and experience.

“I would be in the MatchWorks office twice a week, sometimes getting there early and staying late to do my job search,” she said.

Tiahnee set her sights on a role at Boost Juice and applied online. She received support from the MatchWorks team through the process, including in her job interview.

Her persistence and determination paid off, and she is now working two or more shifts per week.

Boost Juice Glenelg owners, Michael and Jessica, are helping their new recruit to settle into her new role. “She always has a smile on her face, and she is enjoying learning new things,” Michael said.

For Tiahnee, employment opens the door to a brighter, more rewarding future.

“Finding this job has been a big goal that I have achieved in my life,” she shared. She encourages others facing similar obstacles to stay focussed and optimistic.

“If you have a dream, you should follow it. You can do anything!”

Tiahnee stands next to Nick from Oaklands Park MatchWorks. They are posing for the camera smiling under a sign with the MatchWorks logo.

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