Nundah job seeker loses 50 kilograms and turns life around

When Nundah job seeker Travis came to MatchWorks, he was long-term unemployed, depressed, had no sense of purpose and required additional services to help him identify employment goals and vocational direction.

Travis at Snap Fitness.

Travis at Snap Fitness.

He was struggling with confidence due to his weight. But that has all changed with help from the MatchWorks team.

Employment consultant Amanda Carmody worked with Travis to regain his confidence and referred him to a psychologist to set short-term goals and to improve his overall health.

“His main concern was his weight and wanting to lose some to feel better about himself. The psychologist suggested that he sign up to a gym in his local area, so he linked up with Snap Fitness,” Amanda said.

“The change over the last six months has been remarkable including his enthusiasm to enjoy life and take on any and every opportunity we put in front of him. He is no longer seeing obstacles that he cannot move, he is leaping over these and setting milestones.

“He has been introduced to our marketers and has been taken out to job interviews and is building on his job interview skills and techniques.”

Travis lost over 50 kilograms since joining the gym and was Snap Fitness member of the month for September 2017.

His confidence continued to grow and he commenced in the Youth Development Foundation Program in November 2017 and is undertaking a Certificate I in Construction, which is a 24-week project based works skills traineeship program.

“Travis continues to have ongoing appointments at MatchWorks and has stated that he is really enjoying the traineeship and would recommend it to anyone looking to learn different skills. He is well on his way to finding suitable employment,” Amanda said.