New video series to give hope to job seekers

MatchWorks has today launched a new video series sharing personal stories from people who have overcome challenges to find work where they can shine. The six-part series explores the barriers faced by five job seekers, and how each person overcame these challenges to achieve their goals.

A glimpse into the personal stories of each job seeker will launch the video series (see below). We will then lead into Craig’s uplifting story from long-term unemployment and depression, to valued employee at La Donna Hygiene.

‘A step today, a leap tomorrow’ launches our video series. It’s a glimpse into the experiences of our job seekers and the work we do every day.

Next is Tyler’s heart-warming story of a life-long dream to work at Coles turning into reality. Followed by Rachel who never believed she could achieve her goal of becoming a career woman. She was then given the opportunity to shine at the Level Crossing Removal Project.

Car enthusiast, Andrew wanted to give his kids the life he never had when growing up. His raw story will highlight how persistence and the right support can be life-changing. The series ends with Tammy’s funny and heart-warming story. Her work at Our Ruby Girl cafe has helped Tammy gain a sense of independence and belonging in her community.

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