New job proves life changing for Fiona

Securing employment in a supportive environment earlier this year was life changing for Disability Employment Services client Fiona.

The Redcliffe job seeker came to MatchWorks after applying for countless jobs every day to little avail. Fiona had been employed in two roles in 2012 when she became suddenly unwell, leaving her unable to work and on a challenging four year journey to regain her health.

Fiona with Managing Director of Gifts Mate, Ben Wooster.

Securing employment at Gifts Mate has been life changing for Fiona.

When Fiona was fit to work again she faced numerous barriers. Companies were unwilling to accommodate someone with a health problem. Limited recent experience also resulted in her being overlooked and other job agencies approached seemed disinterested.

Finding MatchWorks proved to be a turning point in Fiona’s life, and within a couple of weeks she had started a new job at Queensland souvenir wholesaler and manufacturer, Gifts Mate.

“I met Carlos and Alan (MatchWorks team members) and they made me feel so comfortable and cared about my health and what I was going through,” Fiona said.

“It was amazing that someone would actually give me the time of day to teach me and show me what to do.”

Readjusting to working life has been enjoyable thanks to the team at Gifts Mate, led by Managing Director Ben Wooster.

“It has been life changing for me and I can’t thank Ben enough for giving me a chance to show and prove what I am capable of, and is understanding about my health,” Fiona said.“To all those people who are still looking for a job, don’t give up. Keep trying and make it your goal to progress.”

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