My silver lining through COVID – Shaun’s story

Shaun’s story is a reminder that every cloud can have a silver lining.

The former Quad Road Train Driver knew he needed to find a new career after leaving his mining job in Pilbara to be closer to his family. So Shaun enlisted the support of MatchWorks to create his new future. Soon after, the motivated job seeker landed a stable job as a landscape driver.

Finding a new career

“My first really good experience with MatchWorks was before COVID when I attended their Velocity Day,” Shaun said.

“I realised they [the MatchWorks team] are really passionate about helping job seekers… they had mental health and dietitian professionals to talk to, as well as recruiters, and they took the time to understand what you as a job seeker were searching for.”

Then COVID-19 hit and changed the job market for Australians. Yet Shaun took every opportunity presented to him and began to experience positive change.

Shaun was one of 145 job seekers who had the opportunity to accelerate their journey to work at a MatchWorks Velocity Day Expo in February this year. This program is part of the New Employment Service Trial and pictured are Velocity Day partners who collaborated with MatchWorks to deliver tailored job seeker support services.

“I was armed with a truck license, forklift license and vast experience in driving, store work and even management so I thought I would be fine,” Shaun said.

“Matchworks hosted Zoom meetings, from marketing and job availability, to parents groups and men’s groups. I was amazed that a job agency went to these lengths to help job searchers in such a crisis of COVID. They even offered free counselling service.  

Landscape driver, Shaun received great support from the MatchWorks team via Zoom video conferencing when he was making a career change.

“Eva suggested now as a good time to upskill and do some short courses. I found four free online short courses around consumer behaviour and psychology and they were added to my resume. I was also mentored to work on my resume and start sending cover letters…before I knew it I was starting to get interviews.”

Job success

Shaun secured the right job soon after and said the role has helped improve his health as well as his income. 

“I remember it was a late Friday afternoon when I got a phone call from Eva saying there was a position. I had the interview the next day and started the position the following Tuesday,” he said.

“As a result of all the support from the Matchworks team, I am now in stable employment that I’m really enjoying. I have now changed my diet and lifestyle and lost 40 to 50kg, and my health issues are resolved. So as you can see, COVID turned out to have a positive impact on me.”

Shaun is now helping support other job seekers in the MatchWorks community by sharing job vacancies.

“If you put in the work, the Matchworks team will bend over backwards to help you in any way they can,” he said.

“I would especially like to thank Emily, Eva and Susan. These three ladies worked so hard with me through the tough times and I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.”

Do you need employment support?

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Velocity Day is a MatchWorks initiative and part of the Australian Government’s New Employment Services Trial and jobactive service.