“My life has changed 100 percent” – Walid’s story

Walid has found stability and a new life after finding a job he enjoys.

When MatchWorks Employment Consultant, Natalie Broomfield first met Walid, he was feeling depressed. “He was grieving the loss of his mother, had no direction and felt like he had no hope,” she said.

The Melbourne job seeker was having trouble finding work and lacked confidence and motivation. He felt his decade-old criminal record was hampering his efforts. “I kept going for interviews and getting knocked back,” Walid said.

Breaking free from the past

Portrait of Walid, smiling and wearing his work vest at MatchWorks office.

Natalie set out clear expectations with Walid and steered him onto a positive path. She met with Walid regularly and helped him with:

  • Preparing a resume
  • Employability skills training
  • Obtaining a forklift license
  • Financial assistance for car registration
  • Clothing for work.

“After some encouragement, Walid also regularly attended our workshops for physical health and wellbeing,” Natalie said.  

“At MatchWorks, we focus on getting to know our clients and work on getting them job ready, not just pushing them into jobs they are likely to fail at. We are trusted to support our clients, and we honour that.”

A chance for a positive future

Once Walid was feeling confident, he successfully interviewed for a job with a tiling adhesive manufacturer, working in the warehouse. When Walid had second thoughts after starting work, the MatchWorks team provided encouragement and support so he could prove to himself and his employer that he could thrive in this job.  

“My life has changed 100 percent, it has gone back to normal,” Walid said.

“I have a positive routine now. I want to go overseas to get dental work. I wouldn’t have been able to do that before this job.”

“Walid is happy now and so is his employer,” Natalie said.

“He’s working six days, including as much overtime as he wants. He will move to full-time soon and his employer is even building him his own office.

“Walid’s father and friends are so proud of how far he has come, and Walid is proud of himself too.”

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