Mocha Joe’s job gives Chris new lease of life

Glen Waverley job seeker Chris came to MatchWorks low in confidence after months of unsuccessful attempts to find work.

With the help of his mum, Chris reached out to his local MatchWorks, where Employment Consultant, Benton Segal provided professional guidance and encouragement to the local job seeker. Benton worked on building Chris’s strengths and interests to overcome previous barriers to employment, and was able to quickly secure Chris the right job in just two weeks.

Chris has been at Mocha Joe’s as a kitchen hand for 4 months now and is highly engaged in his new job. 

“I love working there. It’s hard work but the staff are really friendly,” Chris said.

“I get fed when on shift and the food is brilliant.”

Mocha Joe’s employer, Leroy said the team loved Chris’s enthusiasm.

“He gets on really well with everyone and is a great worker,” Leroy said.

The Glen Waverley team are proud of successfully integrating Chris back into the workforce and many of the MatchWorks staff see Chris daily on their morning coffee runs.

Congratulations to Benton and the team for delivering a speedy and successful outcome for Chris.

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