Melton job seeker uses positive attitude to overcome obstacles to employment

Melton job seeker Katerina came to MatchWorks after sustaining an injury that left her unable to work as a qualified massage therapist.

Katerina, who studied three years at university for her dream career, only has 90 per cent mobility in her injured shoulder. She thought her options seemed limited.

However she was placed under the professional guidance and encouragement of MatchWorks team member Carina Ferrer and worked on her strengths of having qualifications, 10 years of work experience, a positive personality and the drive to overcome her injury as an obstacle.

MatchWorks reverse marketer Filiz Huseyin then referred Katerina to an Administration Officer position at Woodgrove Shopping Centre. Following two weeks of intensive interview selection, Katerina was asked back for a second interview and was offered the position.

(L-R) Filiz, Katerina and Carina.

(L-R) Filiz, Katerina and Carina.

The MatchWorks team are proud of successfully integrating her back into the workforce. Katerina has been in the position for more than a year and said she loves her job

“Being injured I felt limited in my capabilities to work again. My confidence levels were low, but they improved with guidance and professionalism found from Carina and Filiz and their belief that I can conquer this obstacle and to never let anything stand in my way,” Katerina said.