MatchWorks job seeker placed in employment after two decades

St Albans job seeker Debra came to MatchWorks wanting to enter the workforce after being unemployed for 22 years.

Debra, 58, had an outdated work history and no qualifications/training when she came to MatchWorks St Albans in February 2016 due to being a long-term carer for family members.

MatchWorks job seeker Debra at the MacthWorks St Albans office.

MatchWorks job seeker Debra.

She also disclosed she had a heart condition, an inability to stand for long periods of time, low confidence, low self-esteem and social isolation.

MatchWorks employment consultant Sarah Knuckey worked with Debra to build her confidence and identify suitable employment.

“Debra identified that she wanted to return to work but continued to feel that nobody would hire her due to her age and lack of employment history,” Sarah said.

“We assisted Debra to complete her Responsible Serving of Alcohol and Responsible Service of Gaming. Debra also took part in the MatchWorks Destination Work program to assist with her employability skills and confidence.”

Following the program in July 2016, Debra attended an interview at Sunshine City Club and started work soon after.

After 10 months in employment, Debra said she is more confident, had built strong relationships at work and was generally happier, fitter and had lost over 13 kilograms.

Debra has ongoing support from MatchWorks and aims to complete a computer course to further improve her skills for work.