MatchWorks assists Cheap as Chips with recruitment needs

Colac job seeker Bev came to MatchWorks (formerly the St Laurence division) in November 2015, following seven years of unemployment history as a principle carer parent.

Store Manager Tanya and MatchWorks job seeker Bev.

Store Manager Tanya and MatchWorks job seeker Bev.

MatchWorks team member Christine Shurvell encouraged Bev to complete a Retail Taster Course, which covered RSA, Safe Food Handling and OH&S requirements in a supermarket environment.

“Bev attended reluctantly due to anxiety over the course and potential failure. However, at the conclusion of the course three weeks later, she could not be more pleased with the experience and her successful participation,” Christine said.

“Her mood and confidence increased and we were then able to progress to job applications for several advertised retail positions, as well as registering online for several major retail stores such as Coles and Woolworths.”

All applications were unsuccessful and Bev started to lose hope. That was until Cheap as Chips announced it was opening a new store in Colac and MatchWorks team members approached the retail outlet to offer recruitment assistance.

“Given the store was yet to be fitted out, all interviews for available positions were conducted at MatchWorks/St Laurence and, given this unique circumstance, we were invited to provide resumes for consideration. I jumped at this opportunity and forwarded my job seeker for consideration,” Christine said.

“Bev interviewed extremely well and was successful in gaining a casual ongoing position. Bev commenced in paid employment in November 2017.

“Regular post-placement support confirmed Bev’s ongoing success and reintroduction into the workforce. Bev has been in employment for almost six months and was recently offered permanent part-time employment, which has secured her employment future.”