“It’s good to be working; it’s good for the soul” – Grant’s story.

After surviving a life-threatening heart issue in 2020, Grant was forced to stop work. Eighteen months later, the experienced driver re-joined the workforce to be part of Brisbane’s biggest flood clean up ever.

In 2020, Grant was rushed to hospital for open-heart surgery.

“They sent my family in to say their goodbyes,” Grant said. “Only two out the ten people survive the surgery I had, so I was very lucky to survive.”

Recovering in one of the top heart hospitals in Australia, Grant was able to begin the intensive journey back to better health.

“It was a year and a half of recovery,” he said. “My system had to get over the massive shock and I couldn’t do anything really at first…I was still puffing walking up the stairs six months later.”

Returning to work

Once the 62 year-old had the all-clear from his doctor at the beginning of this year, he wasted no time returning to work.

“When you’ve worked all your life, and then had to sit around for a year and half… I was looking forward to getting back to work,” Grant said.

“Grant was rearing to go,” MatchWorks Disability Employment Consultant, Leigh Bond said.

“At the time, Brisbane had just been hit very badly by floods, so the massive clean-up meant the skip bin hire was in demand. Grant hadn’t worked in two years so he needed new of everything. We were able to assist by funding wet weather gear, boots, clothing and transport costs.”

Tailored support to help Grant’s hearing

Grant was happy to be bringing in more money and making a difference after Brisbane faced its biggest flood clean-up ever. However, after a few weeks, Grant’s hearing problems started to create communication and safety issues on the job.

Following an assessment, an otolaryngologist determined Grant needed hearing aids in both ears. MatchWorks stepped in to cover the full cost so Grant could safely continue working in the field.

“They supplied me with a full uniform, hearing aids and other support, even ringing to see how I am going and not too tired and knackered to work. They have all been excellent and I am thankful. It’s good to be working, it’s good for the soul,” Grant said.

“It’s been a big change, life-changing, and I’m not the same person I was.

“You look at things a lot differently, the sunrises, the sunsets, family time… it changes you and I now have more of an appreciation of life.” 

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